Texas Venom

GLC's BadAsp Build


A little background about this project:

I bought this kit in Nov 2003. This kit was to be used in a build video, but being this is a Mark 2 and right after delivery the Mark 3 came out I put the project on hold and continued to build for other people. The first two build pages are of delivery and changes I made to the frame to make the rear look more like a Mark 3. I had the frame powder coated Anthracite and let sit. Around Oct 2010, my Brother-in-Law decided to buy the kit and have me build it. The time had taken it's toll on the powder coating and some water had seeped into a couple of the tubes on the frame and when we had a freeze, split the tubing. I replaced the tubing and while the frame was bare metal again, converted the steering to the Mark 3 style. We also decided to go with Gordon Levy's 5-Link and welded the brackets in at that time. We then powder coated the frame Mirror Black and had the aluminum powder coated in an Anodized Aluminum color. Build page 3 picks up there along with the Lizard Skin coating of the cockpit.



GLC's BadAsp Background

GLC's BadAsp Build Page 2

GLC's BadAsp Build Page 3

GLC's BadAsp  Finished