Texas Venom L.L.C.

The FFCars Coupe Build

Charcoal canister

Porsches For Breakfast & Ferraris For Lunch and as the Cop told me when he saw the Licence Plate Frame, "Tickets For Dinner".

I want one!!

Jared the powdercoater extrodinair and myself

Man, that's one fine engine

Very cool

Can't wait to see it after paint.

Those hard radiator tubes look good, don't they.

Taking the Same Bus to Cali

Wow! Makes my Mustang look like a 4-wheel drive. I want one of these too.

The Coupe is on the way to SRP


Coupe Background  

Coupe Build Page 1

Coupe Build Page 2 

Coupe Build Page 3     

Coupe Finished